LobiBox Visitor Management System

Tenants &

Invest in an amenity that secures your building and empowers your residents to easily manage access for their guests.

Secure Your LobiBox Installation Today!

Compatible with ANY entry System On The Market

Scan to

Residents can access the property by scanning an RFID card or fob programmed through the company dashboard.


Need to let someone in to water the plants or let the dog out? Grant one-time or temporary access to guests with virtual keys.

Guest video

Connect with your smartphone and see who is at the door before unlocking. Provide a new level of security for your residents with LobiBox.


No key? No problem. Residents can manage both personal and guest access through the mobile app, unlocking the door with one button.


Put total visitor access and entry control into the capable hands of your residents and tenants with the intuitive LobiBox mobile app. Delegate access control to specific gates, doors and any other residential entry point.

One-Button Door Unlock

With the swift tap of a button, residents can unlock any entry point that they are provided access to.

Visitor Access Control

Residents can provide their visitors with unique access codes sent directly to their phone and email, and even limit their access based on the schedule they set.

Secure Video Entry

When a visitor attempts to enter without a visitor access code, residents will be able to verify that they are the correct person via video access through the unit.

RFID Access

Properties can provide their residents or staff members with programmed RFID cards that provide instant access to any LobiBox unit they are registered with.

Secure Your LobiBox Installation Today!

Compatible with ANY entry System On The Market

Multiple Secure
Entry Methods

Once your LobiBox system is installed, a trusted staff member can complete the one-time setup to add the building details, LobiBox visitor units, and create users and access levels.

Connect With
A Specialist

Connect with one of our Secure Entry Specialists and learn which LobiBox features can improve the convenience and security of your property. With a variety of essential security and access features, the possibilities are endless.

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