LobiBox Visitor Management System

Guest Video

Boost peace of mind for your residents and employees with Lobibox’s video monitoring capabilities. Allow your members to verify guests via video call before granting access to the building or property.

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video calls

One-way video calling lets members view the visitor while carrying a two-way audio conversation to keep the interaction secure.

Easy To

When a visitor uses the LobiBox to call a member, the member can answer and press “Video Call” to launch the one-way video.


LobiBox allows visitors who need assistance to contact a specified security agent or front desk staff member with one quick tap.


Each LobiBox unit captures an image upon secure entry and stores it in a filterable and exportable database within your company dashboard.


Improve Security

Add an additional layer of security by allowing members to verify who is on the other side of the door before granting access.

Privacy Control

One-way video call feature gives the member privacy in the case of an unexpected visitor.

Entry Monitoring

Utilize the LobiBox company dashboard to view a live video feed of any secured entry point.

LobiCom Video

The LobiCom dashboard allows you to accept video calls and monitor entry points from computer or tablet.

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