LobiBox Visitor Management System

LobiBox For
Developers & Architects

LobiBox is the perfect modern solution for complete property access control and visitor management, with easy seamless integration into any pre-planned architectural development.

Door Access

Allow registered staff members and contractors to unlock office doors with the tap of a button on the LobiBox mobile app or the swipe of an RFID access card.

Video Intercom
Entry System

Add an additional layer of security to the office by empowering your employees and staff to visually verify new visitors before allowing access into the office.

modern interface
& Product Design

Provide your staff with the ability to create and schedule unique visitor access codes for pre-approved office guests, and set how frequently the access codes can be scanned.

Seamless Integration
With Any System

LobiBox archives a record of every door entry or failed access attempt with registered timestamps, door sensor information and a photo snapshot of the visitor during video calls.

Touch-Free Door
Unlock Via App

Touch-Free Door Unlock

Reduce the points of contact throughout your property design for the post-pandemic real estate industry. LobiBox Visitor Units enable touch-free door and fob-enabled elevator unlocking with the tap of a button on the visitor or tenant's smart phone.

Remote Access Control

Allow and revoke building access from anywhere in the world with the LobiBox mobile app or the LobiCom Security Dashboard. Future-proof your design's access control capabilities with LobiBox.

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Upgrade Building Security
With LobiBox Video Intercom

Provide future tenants and visitors with secure and efficient building access, increasing perceived property value and security at the same time. Each LobiBox-enabled entrance adds an additional layer of security by requiring pre-approved access or video verification upon building entry.

Revolutionary modern
interface design

upgrade your old intercom system

Traditional intercom systems powered by phone lines connected to each unit are cumbersome and maintenance-heavy in the modern era. LobiBox provides you with an affordable method to upgrade your old intercom system without any additional wiring or modifications to your access control system.

Designed To Blend In

LobiBox was designed to compliment any existing building or architectural style, utilizing a sophisticated glass front panel and sleek metallic edges to blend in wherever it is installed.

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Compatible with ANY entry System On The Market

Seamless Integration
& Installation Process

LobiBox Visitor Units are easy to install for any experienced professional, and integrate seamlessly with any existing modern access control or security system. A LobiBox certified installer will have your system up and running in a matter of hours.

LobiBox Documentation

Connect With A Specialist

Connect with one of our architectural design professionals and learn which LobiBox features can improve the access control capabilities and security of your next building or property design. With a variety of essential visitor management and access control features, the possibilities are endless.

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